Anna Willman


Writing to Find My Way Forward

Anna Willman is the author of Creating Confidence: How to Do Social Work Without Destroying People's Souls.  She retired in 2008 after eighteen years working at the Confidence Clinic, a program that was created by women for women in Roseburg, Oregon, in 1971.  Creating Confidence tells the story of how this program was started by women on welfare and how they transformed the community of Roseburg, Oregon.

 She is also the author of five novels available on Kindle: three regency period novels, An Unmarried Lady, Trust and Treachery, and  An Intimate Education; and two literary novels, The Perfect Body and Kaleidoscope.

 Anna has recently embarked on a new adventure - a walk across the continental US - which you can read about in blog entries with titles beginning with the words "My Long Walk" or "Listening Tour".



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