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Readers' reviews:


"Well done Regency romance. Full of humor, wit, and adventure. Well developed characters. Good story line. Could not put it down."


"I'm not a fan of regency, but I still loved the book. I would recommend An Unmarried Lady to anyone who enjoys a regency romance novel with a strong intelligent lead heroine. I would also recommend it to anyone looking for a light, fun, g-rated romantic romp."


"The book was exquisite. The background characters came alive on the page and the heroine is probably one of the best ones I have read yet. There is so much light and love in this book that it is almost wasted as a mere romance novel and wants only a little something more to be quite elevated to true fiction.  Highly recommended for all Regency Romance lovers."


"The writing is excellent; it fits the regency period and is well researched. The story telling here is superb.  The relationships, loving and otherwise, are engaging and satisfying. Unmarried Lady is a delightful read ."



"Strong feisty female characters who still stay within the bounds of being believable. No simpering misses here. Hero worthy of the name. Wouldn't mind meeting him myself. Lots of psychological insights. Loved the plan to rescue the heroine. Altogether enjoyable read."

"The characters were well fleshed out, the plot moved along at a brisk pace, and the writing was superb. This was a true Traditional Regency Romance novel that followed the life of a base-born daughter of an Earl who suddenly inherits a fortune from her now deceased, estranged mother. This circumstance forces her noble relatives to acknowledge her existence and sets a lively chain of events in motion. The plot reminds me a little of The Secret Garden as some elements are similar to that tale and there are some darker moments in this novel. A very good read. Highly recommended for all Regency Romance lovers."

" Anna Willman uses language and creates a story well enough to enjoy a second time through. I am enjoying how realistically portrayed is the change in status the young heroine suffers through. When things improve suddenly it may be as difficult to deal with as if things abruptly go ill. More I won't say, as not to give away the story. Enjoy!"



"I have never ever gotten such a clear, up-front view of what it is like for one person to need other people to perform many bodily functions for her, and still really find ways to live a normal life, doing what everyone else can do. How does this kind of a person do a job, make meals, go to parties, have sex? The details of life are seen through the eyes both of a helper and the person being helped. And when the able-bodied person is in a difficult emotional and mental state, while the one with bodily challenges has a very clear working mind and in a pretty healthy emotional state, things are even more complex! Just don't stop at the wrong place in this book. There are some really intensely powerful moments that you won't want to stay in as long as I did. I ended up not being able to keep reading at the most intense place in the whole book, and it was really difficult! A very stimulating book!"



This book is not for the faint-hearted. The protagonist is fiercely courageous, and you need to be, too, in order to live her life with her in the pages of this book. She has a good and fulfilling life, but is dependent on intimate physical assistance from caregivers to get through her day. Her crisis of vulnerability is triumphant, but emotionally raw.

You may not want to explore the uncomfortable implications of extreme physical dependency in reading this novel, but I think you should. I know that hardly sounds like an encouraging recommendation. But you will learn something powerful about the human mind and spirit if you do, and you won't be able to help being more respectful and aware of people facing daily challenges that require the kind of courage you may not have had to muster in your own lifetime.



This book gives a unique perspective on a different kind of working relationship. The author gives amazing detailed descriptions. It is both disturbing and empowering. As a person with a disability depending on full-time personal assistants, I must admit that there were parts that were difficult to read. This book takes you into that dark room of possibilities that being physically dependent on another person can bring that no one really speaks about, and brings you out triumphantly. It's amazing to see who the victim and victor really is.

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